The Official Alex's Army is a community of gamers and fans dedicated to supporting the REAL Alex Keller "Echo 3-1", Chad Michael Collins. We have a great community that you can connect with via Chad's Twitch channel, and which you can join via our Alex's Army Command Center DiscordOfficial Alex's Army Twitch channel, and the Official Alex's Army Facebook group

Beginning 2024, our Official Alex's Army Twitch channel will be giving away some awesome prizes and hosting Call of Duty MWIII Warzone gaming with the Echo 3-1 Players. 

Official Alex's Army Rewards

To begin the New Year with a bang, we wanted to share with you all about our new Official Alex's Army Viewer Rewards that you can redeem during our live Twitch streams. Have fun using the channel points that you have gained from watching the Official Alex's Army Twitch streams.

"To begin using your Channel Points, simply click the Channel Point icon at the bottom left of the chat window. Once done a window will appear showing you the reward options for that channel and the respective amount of Channel Points required to redeem the reward." - Twitch

New Twitch Emotes & Giveaways

We have dropped new Twitch emotes into the Official Alex's Army Twitch streams for both Followers and Subscribers. Keep your eyes peeled for our prize giveaways being held throughout the year. 

Chad Michael Collins
Chad Michael Collins
Chad Michael Collins and Martin Copping Signing
Chad Michael Collins and Martin Copping Signing



Chad Michael Collins is a full-time working actor of 12+ years in Los Angeles with over 50 TV, film and video game credits, including playing the franchise lead role in the ongoing Sony Pictures SNIPER films, as lead 'Alex' in CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE (2019) / COD: MOBILE / COD: WARZONE, and such TV shows as NCIS, Blue Bloods, Creepshow, Once Upon a Time, Bones, Castle and more. 

Before becoming a full-time actor, He worked alongside a Hollywood talent manager and publicist for a combined 20+ years, gaining a unique perspective on the entertainment industry and the business of being an actor, accumulated knowledge and wisdom that he happily shares via his YouTube channel to empower his fellow actors and help them enjoy more success in their careers. 

Chad enjoys interacting with his fans through his YouTube and Instagram Live Q&A's and he streams regularly via Twitch with the exception of when he's busy with filming projects. He entertains us along with his gaming friends with his Call of Duty Warzone gaming. You can find out more about Chad via his Official website.


Elevate your Alex's Army gaming journey by joining the Echo 3-1 Players members community, granting you access to play Call of Duty: MW3 with the REAL Alex, Chad Michael Collins during his live player streams as well as get together with fellow Echo 3-1 Players during the Official Alex's Army live player streams. Additionally, enjoy a range of perks and become part of our members-only Discord community.

When joining you will receive:

  • "Got Your Six" Welcome Reward Pack

  • Free Military Style mobile and desktop wallpapers.

  • Echo 3-1 Players Discord Community

  • Access to Official Alex's Army player streams.

  • Access to Chad Michael Collins' player streams.

To find out more about our Echo 3-1 Players membership, head over to our Echo 3-1 Players page.  Take a moment to review the eligibility requirements to determine if you qualify for membership. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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